PHP Codequalität prüfen mit Gitlab CIEinen Überblick über Tools zur statischen Codeanalyse, Linting, etc. Wie man diese lokal verwendet und sinnvoll in Gitlab CI automatisiert verwendet.


Tesla IOTWas man mit einem Tesla so machen kann ...


Simplify your DevOps Life: Configuration as CodeIntroduction to the concept of Configuration as Code (CaC): - What are the advantages of CaC? - How is it different from Infrastructure as Code? - How can CaC be introduced to an application? I am going to demonstrate the efficiency of CaC on an example from my daily DevOps work and would like to discuss some of the following topics with you: - What are your experiences with this concept? - What are possible pitfalls when introducing CaC? - How to treat persistency?


Jenkins vs. AWS CodePipelineWho has not used Jenkins? Who has not a love-hate relationship with it? – At EMnify, we are heavy Jenkins users, but always considering alternatives, where hosted services make our live easier. Therefore, we recently - once again - looked at AWS CodePipeline and its friends CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy. In this talk, we compare the current state of the two ecosystems regarding their simplicity and flexibility for implementing both trivial as well as complex pipelines. Further, we cover the topics deployment and maintenance, security, costs, and usability.


Kubernetes-Fail-Story(s) Im Sinne von "Keiner ist unnütz - er kann immer noch als schlechtes Beispiel dienen" möchte ich unsere Fallstricke beim Einsatz von Kubernetes in der Google Cloud vorstellen, sowie um eure eigenen Fallstricke bitten, so dass alle anderen aus unseren Fehlern lernen können.


CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins and Docker for beginners How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline with git, maven,sonar, gerrit from scratch using Jenkins and Docker


Ask me anything AWSSteht im Titel ;-)


DevOps ToolsTools rund um das Thema was wir im Unternehmen so einsetzen.


OpenStack AustauschSuche Menschen für einen offenen Austausch zu OpenStack. Welche Module taugen, welche kann man gut mit was anderem ersetzen und integrieren. Disclaimer: Ich bin selbst kein Experte, hoffe unter uns sind welche 😉


Wireguard - Experimental SetupWould you like to have easy and secure network access to your production environment from everywhere? I heard about that little thing called Wireguard - that claims to do fast, modern, secure VPN tunnels... Anybody interesting to do a live hacking session to get a wireguard test environment running on AWS? Or share experience with it?